Cole World: The Sideline Story
Artist: Aaron David
Format: CD
New: Available 7.98

Available Formats and Editions


1. Intro (Explicit Version)
2. Dollar And A Dream III (Explicit Version)
3. Can't Get Enough (Explicit Version)
4. Lights Please (Explicit Version)
5. Interlude (Explicit Version)
6. Sideline Story (Explicit Version)
7. Mr. Nice Watch (Explicit Version)
8. Cole World (Explicit Version)
9. In The Morning (Explicit Version)
10. Lost Ones (Explicit Version)
11. Nobody's Perfect (Explicit Version)
12. Never Told (Explicit Version)
13. Rise And Shine (Explicit Version)
14. God's Gift (Explicit Version)
15. Breakdown (Explicit Version)
16. Work Out (Explicit Version)