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Super Eurobeat Presents Initial D Best Of Dream
Artist: Super Eurobeat
Format: CD
New: Available $59.99

Formats and Editions


1. Initial D Hell Dave Rodgers
2. Just Like A Dancer Karen
3. I Was Born For Burning Neo
4. Sweet Fire Pink Star
5. You Gotta Be Down Jock Lee
6. Let Me Be Your Love Niki Niki
7. Kiss Me Kiss Me Baby Gold
8. I'm Your Bad Boy Racer Matt Land ; Lolita
9. Big Boy Manuel
10. In The Line Of Fire Matt Land
11. Restless And Wild D. Essex
12. Love Me Crazy Maddy Layne
13. Night Fly Mister Fly
14. Pull The Trigger Bon
15. Dangerous Speed Cars Luke
16. Xpress Your Love David Road
17. Electric Woman Go Go Girls
18. Big Bang In Tokyo Doctor Stranger
19. Dum Dum Bullets Suzy Lazy
20. Getting' You Getting' Me J. Storm
21. Don't Stop Me Matt Land
22. An Impossible Love Affair Dave ; Karen
23. Love And Pain Sophie
24. Fight And Go David Dima
25. I Feel The Rhythm Tonight Mega Nrg Man
26. Love Countdown Fastway
27. Fighter Marko Polo
28. Chemical Love Kevin ; Cherry
29. Running Ninja Eurofunk
30. Drifting All Night Dejo
31. Tokyo Race Doctor Bazooka ; The Spped Mcqueens
32. Shy Boy Miss Helly
33. Electric Woman Go Go Girls
34. Race Gun ; Cows Jeff Driller
35. Fast Food Bikers Garcon
36. Kiss Me Kiss Me Baby Gold
37. You Better Call Me Lolita
38. Walking Around The Town Go Go Girls
39. Ride On Fire Nick Turbo
40. I Love To Dance Nikita Jr.
41. Big Bang In Tokyo Doctor Stranger
42. Walky Talky Doki Doki Mika La Do
43. Love And Pain Sophie
44. Water In The Gas P. Stone
45. An Impossible Love Affair Dave ; Karen
46. Break The Night Tommy K
47. Lonely Love Sophie
48. Dancing Queen King ; Queen
49. Lost Into The Night Elisa
50. Black Out Overload
51. Make My Day Derreck Simons
52. Gimme The Night Dave Mc Loud
53. Fly To Me To The Moon ; Back The Spiders From Mars
54. Tokyo Lights Ace
55. What You Need Manuel
56. City Lover City Rider Matt Land
57. Takumi Neo
58. Falling Into My Heart Terence Holler
59. Speedy Runner King ; Queen
60. The Jungle Is On Fire J Stark

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