Vintage Vinyl

INFO about stock and search

Our Online Store is not the same as our Actual Store

Our online store features many items not available in our actual store. We are working with our largest distributor to offer everything they have in their warehouse on our website. This is much more than we can carry in our physical store so online stock does not reflect store stock. Our actual store stock also features many thousands of used titles that are not currently available on our website. So please, shop our Online Store for a huge variety of NEW music and come see us in our Actual Store for much NEW music and our world-famous-ever-changing HUGE selection of guaranteed USED music.

Searching our Online Store

Please use advanced search to narrow your search results to a reasonable number. There are many digital tracks and albums available for purchase, be careful not to buy a digital item if you are looking for the actual physical release. We do not currently have the option of removing the digital items so searching for an artist or title can return A LOT of items. Please use advanced search to select the FORMAT you are seeking:VINYL, CD, MOVIE or digital, this will give you a more reasonable amount of items to browse. As with most search engines, you can also put quotation marks around the artist or title to return only that exact phrase.

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