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  Rick Wood's Concert Diary - Vol. 88

Rick Wood's Concert Diary - Vol. 88

1/15/10 The Domino Kings, House Concert. Nothing out of the ordinary about the late afternoon/early evening…load-in, sound-check and bar-b-q dinner all went pretty smoothly.  By show time, there were maybe 80 people on hand.  This Springfield country/rockabilly trio has been around for maybe ten years, but has just recently begun doing shows with the original lineup: Stevie Newman- g & v, Brain Capps- stand-up bass & v and Les Gallier- d & vocals. 
Set one opened with “Where Your Lies Stop”, an upbeat original sung by Brian, Stevie lighting things up with some ringing Telecaster.  All three guys took turns on lead vocals, each with his own distinctive character.  Les has a more lowdown, gravelly delivery, like a less nasal Levon Helm.  Stevie’s guitar playing runs the range from hot, Pete Anderson-style licks, to smooth jazzy chords, to some low-end rockabilly stuff.  The latter was on display when they closed set one with Johnny’s Cash’s “Luther’s Boogie”, with Brian on deep and dark vocals…apparently, Brian regularly does a whole JC set in Branson.  Throughout, they had a real polished interaction, as vocals and guitar leads seamlessly traded back and forth, all with just the right amount of emphasis and volume; very complimentary instrumentation, all around…hard to believe these guys have other jobs to help pay the bills.
Set two kept things going with more hopped-up country/rockabilly, with all three guys taking turns on lead vocals as Stevie kept laying down impressive licks, song after song.  A couple of highlights early in the set included “What Did We Come Here For? (…to rock & roll)” (Les asking the musical question on lead vocals with Brian and Stevie replying), “Anything But You” (a Stevie-penned ballad, Les applying that military-style brushed snare) and “Love Had Better Stay Out Of The Way” (another upbeat, free-flowing rocker by Brian).
About midway through the set, they introduced their friend (and Slewfoot label founder) Dale Wiley, who got up and did a couple of classic country covers with the band: “Looking At The World Through A Windshield” and “Wine Me Up”.  The centerpiece of the second set was an extended version of “I’m Coming Home” …sung by Les, this one provides a framework from which Stevie gets all Bill Kirchen (in “Hot Rod Lincoln” mode), as he tosses off lots of teases from famous rock/surf/rockabilly songs (“That Pulp Fiction Instrumental”, “Secret Agent Man”, “Suzie Q”, “Pretty Woman”, “Day Tripper”, “Jeopardy Theme”, “Smoke On The Water”, “Ace Of Spades”, “Iron Man”, “King Of The Hill Theme”, “Back In Black”, “Jessica” and so on.  They closed things out with “Lonesome Highway”, a duet between Brian and Stevie, with that “Mystery Train” hook thrown in.  The encore was a salute to St. Louis that included Chuck Berry’s “Let It Rock” and an Ike Turner song I didn’t recognize. 
We did the usual wind down with friends and band around the fire out back.  The trio headed off to bed around 1:30AM; I stayed up a bit longer putting a few things away.
1/16/10 The Domino Kings, Deluxe.  The band played and stayed here last night.  We fed them breakfast this morning and hung out some before they headed into the city to find some lunch down in Soulard and on over to the club.  I got there right around ten, just as my new friends Kim and Kathy (I met them at my place last night) arrived.  There were maybe 40 people on hand; we got a table together and heard the last few songs of set one.  Kim and Kathy were all wound up for set two, so we all got up and danced with about ten other people.  The band’s set list (and execution) was pretty similar to what we got last night.  There were a few different songs thrown in (Webb’s “There Stands The Glass”) and Suzanne (the bar owner) got up and sang “Walking After Midnight” and one other.  After the show, we said our “thanks” and “goodbye” to the band, who were making the long drive back to Springfield that night.




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