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  Daav's Pocket Reviews Vol. 3

Daav's Pocket Reviews Vol. 3

Coldplay A Rush Of Blood To The Head

Their last play left me cold but this second album has the ability to stick with me because of the beautiful melodies based on quite simple components. Most of the lyrics (also less hackneyed than last time) display the singer as rather crestfallen, or maybe he's just being thoughtful. A record like this can seem better than it really is because, let's face it folks, things weren't all that great, period last year. Still, at the very worst, a very pleasant holding pattern.


Oasis Be Here Now

I'm not always sure why this band is so disparaged. I'll be listening to the fuzzy opening three cuts quite a bit I imagine but after a while the realization comes forth that every other cut on here starts to wear out it's welcome in about half the time it takes to play it. At least it's better than their first three overrated albums.


China Drum Goosefair

I don't know if this album knows how much it owes to late-period Husker Du but it does. It's sort of peculiar that the lyrical concerns with loathing, both of self and others, is belied by such pretty pop hooks coupled to such a sumptuous guitar roar. This is another interesting record I picked up on the cheap. Keep digging fans. There's lots of cool stuff out there to be picked up for pennies.


Savoy Brown Blue Matter

This band has lately struck me as being unfairly forgotten. "She's Got A Ring In His Nose And A Ring On Her Hand" is a great song (and title). "Train To Nowhere" is spooky. And Mud's "Louisiana Blues" done as heavy, heavy blooze is a fabulous relic of the era. I sometimes wonder though if we haven't been so inundated with more famous blues rock over the decades that anything that you want to hear in the style that hasn't been done to death sounds good. Great 1969 cover art!


Travis The Man Who

Music every bit as dynamic as the group's name would suggest.


Pink Missundazstood

Maybe your misunderstood because you can't spell dear. The joke was cute with Slade and maybe Prince but it's starting to wear real thin. Maybe an old fogey like me sees it as being too reflective of today's illiterate youth (postliterate the apologists like to call it). Oh, yeah, the music: more dance-pop done by a cute girl. The artist? As "Brunette" she would have gone unnoticed.


Chameleons UK Strange Times

As far as I can determine this band largely escaped notice in the U.S. back in the mid-80s. It's a shame really. I'd like to hear more by them soon. The Chameleons have the sort of deep, boomy production made more well known by bands like the Cure and Echo & the Bunnymen. Like the Cure, The Chameleons had some rather dark lyrical matter. Like the Bunnies they weren't afraid to display their debt to their sixties predecessors, so a song like "Tears" comes of as sounding as thought Robert Smith penned "As Tears Go By". Recommended, though it kind of depends on whether this sort of public emoting appeals to you. "I'm alive in here!"


Supergrass In It For The Money

Unlike Zappa, you'll notice that they're not ONLY in it for the money.Then again it should come as no surprise that this trio of punk/popsters who admit to being influenced by the Beatles, Elton John, Badfinger, Bowie...should go the big production route on their second album. Their punk/pop smarts are still very much in evidence and this is probably their best record. Taking all of this into account and glad that they went ahead and came clean about their ultimate ambitions, I still sort of miss the looser fun of the first album.


Supergrass Life On Other Planets

The Age Of Aquarius cover art is a ruse. This is really the boys' early seventies, glitter rock tribute. From the Bolanesque vocals on "Seen The Light" to the gurgling synthesizers it's pretty obvious. Sixties grooves like "Evening Of The Day" still manage to sound like an early seventies nod to the mid-sixties done in 2002. Post-post (post?) Modern Music??

As the new century moves forward I'm becoming convinced that this is one of the best British groups out there.





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