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  Tonight At Noon - Oliver Sain

Tonight At Noon - by Lawson Primm

Oliver Sain

Oliver Sain has passed and there are many among us who are terribly saddened by the news.

Oliver was a celebrated musician nationally, a "musicianís musician" who was well respected by greats ranging from Ike Turner to Ry Cooder and The Allman Brothers. But at his core he was a working musician who embraced anyone who digs music from the soul. And it wasnít about the money. He worked weddings for people like me and community events for everyday people. The only consideration usually was if the date you needed was available.

I have a very special place in my heart for Oliver. On November 7, 1992 he was the musical force at my wedding reception to celebrate my marriage to Deborah Belleau, the love of my life. Oliver was my first choice and my only choice to provide the musical excitement for our guests. From the get go, the music at the reception was the one part of the event that I was charged with and I had to get it right. And Oliver was the guy.

Although I did not know Oliver well, I gained insight into the depth of his character at that time. We were frantically planning the wedding and were pretty much on edge during the entire process. I wanted to make sure the sound was just right so I asked Oliver a few weeks before the wedding to come with me to check out the room to make sure he was comfortable. We toured the facility and talked about the song selections. He went out of his way to accommodate me when he probably knew that the room would work just fine. We agreed that dinner music would consist of jazz balladry and afterwards he would shift to his jumping R&B sound.

Wow, the evening was a stunning success. Everyone was up and dancing and we enjoyed it so much that we were the last to leave the party. On our wedding night no less! Oliver and band were accommodating and gracious. The photos of Oliver and the boys in the wedding party are among my most cherished.

I recommended Oliver to my best friend Tim OíConnor for his nuptials with Libby Hughes and once again, Oliver made everyone happy that they attended the reception. What really touched me on that evening was that near the end of the party, Oliver pulled me aside to shake my hand and say thanks for helping him get the gig. He was that kind of guy.

I will never forget him. God bless.




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