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  Like a thief in the airwave night.... The Soul Selector

Like a thief in the airwave night....

Like a thief in the airwave night, big-time corporate radio(Like, what other type is there??) axed one of its own rock offspring when 104.1 FM EXTREME Radio went off the airwaves Saturday, Sept. 30th at midnight. Too bad, as far as the Vintage Vinyl crew is concerned, ‘cause in its days on the dial Extreme offered up some definite pleasures, musically and otherwise , to listeners of commercial radio. First, a non-stop metal-mechanical bliss of hard rock fare delivered snotty and with plenty of testosterone.

Bluster and edgy attitude. Flick on Extreme and the soundtrack for the Kingdom of Angry-Bored-Young–Dudes blared forth----Oh, who can forget the Church of Mandatory Metallica every week-day at 5?? Without question, Extreme aimed itself to the much harder side of rock than any of its competitors in the St. Louis market, and of course watching what got played by 104.1,and what didn’t get played by 105.7 FM ‘the Point’ (and all the music-biz politics implied by all of it!) made for amusing insights as to the workings of Corpo’-Radio in the modern era. (Example: Extreme was able to ax the appearance of Slipknot from the line-up at a Point Riverport show . Understandably; it after all wuz 104.1 who broke the band big-time here, in fact being one of the first stations in the country to play Slipknot, and one got the feeling that the Point added a band they did not even have in their play-list for a LLOONNGG time merely to prop up sagging ticket sales for their POINTFEST 2000 show. But Extreme pulled strings and the band didn’t make the appearance---who sez details of the modern radio-rock-biz ain’t fascinating??)

But da devil’s in details and despite having Howard Stern-- the current dean of tit-booty talk radio anchoring their morning drive-time, Extreme just could not conjure the necessary numbers to make the big advertisers buy in. Who wants just males 16-24 as an audience to sell advertising, no matter how many massed members of the Korn-Bizkit army were delivered?? Of course, for OUR purposes here at the VV Muthaship, there were many opportunities to advertise in-stores with bands, promote our midnight sales, or just get in the production studio and wail on some great-sounding, well-produced mondo radio commercials(thank you Frizz!). Yeah, we had fun with Extreme the last few years. Its always good to have more than one contemporary rock signal going----I mean, you’d know at Vinyl that the Point wasn’t going to pay any attention to a band such as Queens of the Stoneage, but with Extreme at least playing their music sometimes

(or any number of metal-hard-edged bands), there was an opportunity for VV to bust a promotional move at our store and on the radio.

And now?? Well, ironies abound in radio-land these days---check it: the ‘extreme-zation’ of the Point, right before our ears. Because the company (Emmis) that owned Extreme bought the Point, many of the employees of the now-defunct station are in place over at the Point. You probably know that the syndicated Stern morning show is now at 105.7(bye-bye Point morning crew), and oddly enough, in the past few months it was employees of the Point that wondered if they would have a job after Extreme went down in flames. Like I said: corporate radio FUNNY boy! Watch as the Point game-plan continues in its efforts to consolidate the two audiences, while those of us at Vintage Vinyl say adieu to our occasional partners in music, Extreme Radio….



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