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  Listen Up! 12/20/02 Listen Up!

Friday, Dec. 20

Willie Nelson, “Pretty Paper,” Columbia Records. Nelson is a master of popular song, and he did a great job on all these Christmas standards. In retrospect, 23 years after the fact, I could argue that the arrangements could have benefited from a little more Willie Nelson guitar, a little stronger backing from the other instruments. But, you’ve got that voice gently delivering these classic songs, and treating them as if they really mean something. One of the classic Christmas records.

Prince, “One Night Alone . . . Live!,” NPG Records. A box set of a whole lot of live Prince stuff that really isn’t doing much for me, surprisingly. I love Prince, and I’ve always wanted to see him live, but as a musical document, give me the original records. There’s a lot of aimless noodling in the solos here, and probably a lot of fun stuff to actually experience on stage, but listening to this is not a way to understand why this guy is such a major talent.

--Steve Pick



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