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  Listen Up! 12/10/02 Listen Up!

Tuesday, Dec. 10

Rocket Park, new as-yet-unreleased album not even finished yet. Sounds good to me. There are some great songs on here, some excellent playing, imaginative ideas. At 62 minutes (right now), I’d cut about four or five songs. There’s a very solid album in here ready to impress the world.

Eminem, “The Eminem Show,” Aftermath Records. Eminem’s so good that even an album like this, which is basically three or four terrific singles (even though only two of them were actually released that way), and a lot of half-assed filler, is still worth spending some time with. Or, maybe, Eminem’s such a misogynistic, homophobic asshole that even a record like this, which spends so much time talking about his hopes for his daughter (and which features her on its best song, “I Think My Dad’s Gone Crazy”), is gonna drive you insane. Or, possibly, Eminem’s so much a mixture of artistry and pure wrong-headedness, so split between humanity and deviltry, that he can’t do much of anything without striking both pleasure and pain centers. It’s like eavesdropping on a seriously fucked-up patient’s therapy sessions, only without even the slightest hope that he’ll ever get better. Therapy as pride? That’s the ticket.

The Cinematic Orchestra, “Every Day,” Ninja Tune Records. If mediocre jazz fusion with some guy chanting “Evolution” at regular intervals is your bag, this is the CD for you. Could also serve as a substitute for sleeping pills, as long as you can sleep with some guy chanting “Evolution” at regular intervals. I’m not sure what kind of dreams that might lead to, so maybe you should just stay awake.

--Steve Pick



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