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  Listen up! 12/6/02 Listen Up!

Friday, Dec. 6

Soundtrack, “Y Tu Mama, Tambien,” Zomba Recording Corporation. All through the movie, you heard little snippets of cool music, and here it all is, brought to the front where you can give it some attention. Playful music, sensual music, sexy music. Yeah, there’s an element of serious danger, too, just like in the flick. But, songs like “Showroom Dummies” by Senor Coconut (imagine Brian Eno making Before and After Science with a bunch of Mexican musicians; not to far-fetched a concept, since Eno’s “By This River” actually turns up on this soundtrack) or “Go Shopping” by Bran Van 3000 are ludicrous and rhythmically irresistible. “Here Comes the Mayo” by Molotov vs. Dub Pistols is a spectacular Mexican hip-hop cut that will get you bouncing all over your bed ASAP. “Nasty Sex” by La Revolucion de Emiliano Zapata will find you slowing down a bit. This soundtrack is so good I even tolerate the Frank Zappa cut at the end, something I rarely find myself doing in life.

The Rolling Stones, “Rock and Roll Circus,” Abkco Records. This legendary TV show from December, 1968 came out on CD a few years back. The Stones’ performance would be astonishing if it wasn’t so obviously expected. They were in their prime, aware that all possibility stretched out in front of them (even with Brian Jones having less than a year to live in real life), the unbelievable creative leaps of “Beggar’s Banquet” having just been accomplished. The six live Stones cuts, with impeccable sound quality, are the reason to own this disc. In addition, John Lennon’s all-star band version of “Yer Blues” rocks pretty hard, though you’ll never ever want to hear the next cut, a blues jam starring Yoko Ono’s caterwauling. Other than that, there’s not a lot of brilliance. A pleasant Jethro Tull song, a live and surprisingly dull runthrough by the Who of “A Quick One While He’s Away,” a Taj Mahal song I barely noticed, and a mildly interesting Marianne Faithfull song.

Various Artists, “Grazing In the Trash Vol. 2: The Soul Fire Funk 45 Collection,” Soul Fire Records. While the funk is spirited, it’s also drastically out of tune more often than not, or obviously lifted from 45’s which were not pressed right on center, so the music wavers in and out of pitch. You remember those bad acid trips they used to show you on TV, where everything is so clearly wrong for the tripper even though everybody around him is having a great time? That’s what this record sounds like. Super bad in the wrong sense of the phrase.

Grandpa’s Ghost, “The Tumble/Love Version,” Upland Records. No, I really can’t condone this.

--Steve Pick



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