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  Listen Up! 11/22/02 Listen Up!

Friday, Nov. 22

Bad Wizard, “Sophisticated Mouth,” Tee Pee Records. While I obviously have it in my bones to tap my foot to any old piece of shit hard rock band influenced by the 70s, when I sit down to think about it, I prefer my hard rock bands to sound sexier, which means the grooves need to be tighter, the riffs need to be slicker, and most especially, the vocals need to sound less like there’s a muffin in the singer’s mouth. There are things to like here, but not anything to love.

Kool & the Gang, “Kool & the Gang,” Master Tone Multimedia. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. This may have come out in 1996, according to the copyright date. At any rate, it documents great songs played without the intensity and commitment that made them great in the first place. And, it also features some of the lesser songs that weren’t even good in the first place. Watch out for budget albums. They can kill.

MC Lyte, “Lytro,” Imusic. A long time ago, she was a lot of fun. This record is a little fun. The difference is probably in the beats, which ten years ago were fairly average, but they were average at a time when most beats were really good. These are average at a time when the bar has been lowered a little.

--Steve Pick



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