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  Listen Up! 11/18/02 Listen Up!

Monday, Nov. 18

Dizzy Gillespie with Sonny Rollins and Sonny Stitt, “Duets,” Verve Records. A 1957 session split between two of the finest saxophone players of the day, and one of the greatest trumpeters ever? (Actually, Rollins and Stitt are among the best ever, too, but they were in a real prime back in 57.) Heck yeah, this is a good record. Gillespie blows clear and strong (and on “Anythin’,” bluesy). The two saxophonists are right there with him. This is one of the earliest CD reissues, and as such, the sound is a little less bright than I’d like. I’m not sure if it’s been reissued since.

Prince, “The Hits 2,” Paisley Park Records. Eighteen of Prince’s many classics in one place. We have the CD on shuffle, and it doesn’t matter what order you play these in. These songs gain in strength and intensity and vitality every time you hear them.

--Steve Pick



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