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  Listen Up! 10/16/03 Listen Up!

Thursday, Oct. 16

Summer Hymns, “Clemency,” Misra Records. No clemency in my book. These guys know exactly one guitar rhythm, and maybe only a half dozen chords, and they think that atmosphere will get them all the way through the record. Well, atmosphere may win hearts and minds for a song or two, but long before reaching the 14th cut that has pretty much the exact same whiny vocal melody and gently strummed major chords, I’m worn down. I like my share of indie-rock bands that use falsetto vocals and wander right and left of the straight path some of us call “the key.” But, the ones that I like – and frankly, right now, the only one I can think of that doesn’t make me run screaming is Nadine, who at least rock – have a much surer sense of melody and a dynamic range that prevents me from thinking I’m just hearing one long song.

--Steve Pick

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