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  Listen Up! 10/16/02 Listen Up!

Wednesday, Oct. 16

Various Artists, ďTwinightís Chicago Soul Heaven,Ē Kent Records. See, in England, there is a belief that every soul record ever made needs to be documented. Based on the evidence of these 24 tracks from a label Iíve never heard of by mostly artists Iíve never encountered, this belief seems entirely rational. All these songs came out between 1967 and 1972, and they are right up there with the best hits of their time. There was so much amazing soul music being made back then there just wasnít room at the top of the charts for all of it.

The Breeders, ďLast Splash,Ē 4AD/Elektra Records. One of the biggest frauds perpetrated on an unsuspecting public, the Breeders didnít even exhibit the tunefulness or the emotional savvy of the Pixies, the overrated outfit Kim Deal escaped from to form this group. Iíll give you ďCannonball,Ē which really did leap out of the radio like a house on fire, but nothing else on here comes even close. Itís all disenchanted, laconic, indirect, and dull.

Murs and Slug Present Felt, ďA Tribute to Christina Ricci,Ē accompanied by The Grouch and Mr. Dibbs, Access Hip Hop. Iím not sure I can add anything to the title of this one. Itís not like the music adds anything.

--Steve Pick



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