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  Listen Up! 10/15/02 Listen Up!

Tuesday, Oct. 15

Travis Tritt, “Strong Enough,” Columbia Records. Tritt has one of the most soulful voices in country music today, but he sure does record a lot of average or below average material. There’s not a masterpiece on the new record, and really only a couple songs I’d want to hear more than once. The best cut is “I Can’t Seem to Get Over You,” which he co-wrote with the very talented Marty Stuart; it actually has a snarl to the melody which is missing from the rest of the record. For the most part, things just follow the expected musical patterns for a country “traditionalist” in 2002. That means there’s a lot of late period Bob Seger influence mixed with pedal steel and fiddles.

Jason Moran, “Modernistic,” Blue Note Records. Moran turns in a wonderful solo piano record. He does an amazing version of the hip hop classic “Planet Rock” which needs to be heard to be believed. I’d tell you lots more about this, but I have to go deal with a broken network cable for my computer.

The Who, “Live Noblesville, Indiana August 25, 2002,” some label. You can buy CDs from the Who’s website of any show on this tour (or at least most of them). Scariano and Jim Utz went to this show, so this is the CD we’re listening to. It’s a powerful performance from a great band a few weeks after the bass player died. You won’t believe how good they can be even under these circumstances. Pino Palladino ain’t as flamboyant as John Entwhistle was, but he does rock out quite nicely with these guys.

Run-DMC, “Greatest Hits,” Arista Records. You know them, you love them, you don’t necessarily have a single CD that collects 18 of their finest cuts from their whole career (including “Down With the King,” their amazing comeback single of ten years ago or so. Though other early-80s rap records sound dated, these classics from Run-DMC retain their freshness.

--Steve Pick



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