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  Listen Up! 10/11/02 Listen Up!

Friday, Oct. 11

Various Artists, “Cuisine Non-Stop: New French Generation,” Luaka Bop. I’m tempted to just quote my old friend and Riverfront Times boss Rene Saller, and simply say that David Byrne sure can pick ‘em. As the name spells out, this is a collection of new French musicians. I don’t know that you can discover any other unifying element across the record, but the sequencing is seamless nonetheless. I don’t know enough about French pop history to really give you much of an idea about what’s going on here, but the music is entrancing and inventive throughout.

Add N to (X), “Loud Like Nature,” Mute Records. It’s hard rock wedded to dance impulses, kind of like what you’d expect Ministry to be doing these days if they were still around. It makes for pleasant background noise, but not necessarily something I’d spend much effort listening to. Of course, you can’t have too many dancy, sexy, throbbing records, can you?

--Steve Pick



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