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  Listen Up! 10/01/02 Listen Up!

Tuesday, Oct. 1

Ron Carter, “Stardust,” Blue Note Records. Ah, the sound of veterans, swinging nice and relaxed, playing tunes they’ve known all their lives with all the richness that implies. Ron Carter on bass, Benny Golson on tenor sax, Joe Locke on vibes, Sir Roland Hanna on piano, and Lenny White on drums. That’s a hot little band. This is a lovely record.

Orion, “The Man Who Would Be King,” Fuel 2000 Records. See, the thing is, he really does sound like Elvis. And he roped in Jerry Lee Lewis, Charlie Rich, and Carl Perkins to do duets with him. But, the music is pretty lifeless, thanks to rhythm sections that try to capture the frenzy of the 50s without any of the passion that inspired it. Silly, silly stuff.

Sigur Ros, One track radio promo, PLAS America. There’s no song title given on the package, so who knows what this is? Of course, it hardly matters. Sigur Ros thrive on obscurity, on establishing a generic identity that remains committed to being pretty and inscrutable. So, why should we know the name of the song? If we like this one, we’ll like most of them, even the ones that go on a lot longer and have fewer chord changes.

--Steve Pick



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