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  Listen Up! 9/13/02 Listen Up!

Friday, Sept. 13

Tim Carroll, Always Tomorrow, Sideburn Records. An alt-country kind of guy, Carroll never bothered to get really good before he made a record. Yeah, hes got the lackadaisical attitude, the sloppy country guitar style, the songs that follow the twin formulas of classicist form and punkish silliness. It wont be the worst record youve ever heard, but you wont want to hear it twice.

Various Artists, Get Low Down! The Soul of New Orleans 65-67, Sundazed Records. Who could possibly argue with a set of 50 rare soul singles from the town of New Orleans? Not me, thats for sure. Grooves bubble and pop, horns snap, and vocalists testify. Lets have a party!

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, The Last DJ, Warner Bros. Records. Im not sure when this is planned for release, but its mighty good stuff. Petty sounds more pissed off than hes been in a while, making for a nicely snarling rock effort. On the other hand, hes got an awful lot of songs in the basic mid-tempo feel, and hes not delivering the kind of classic hooks hes done many times in the past. Further listening is clearly required to determine how good a record this. I can say with assurance, though, that his streak is being kept alive of never making anything less than quite listenable.

--Steve Pick



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