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  Listen Up! 9/11/02 Listen Up!

Wednesday, Sept. 11

Pulp, “We Love Life,” Rough Trade Records. I’ve never listened to much Pulp, but this album intrigues me. There are clearly some good songwriting ideas at play here. About half-way through, I was thinking they reminded me of Scott Walker in the scope of the arrangements, big, tightly-orchestrated things. Then I looked and remembered Scott Walker actually produced this record. I think this album could really grow on me if I give it more of a chance.

Dixie Chicks, “Home,” Columbia Records. This record has some stick-to-itiveness. These Chicks have a good ear for songs. I’m especially fond of the highly hookish “Truth No. 2” (written by Patti Griffin), but I’m not hearing any weak links on the album, really. The record business may be experiencing a downturn, but I’m certainly happy to see albums as strong as this one and Bruce Springsteen’s selling in the platinum range right out of the box.

--Steve Pick



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