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  Listen Up! 8/29/02 Listen Up!

Thursday, Aug. 29

Rapahel Saadiq, “Instant Vintage,” Universal Records. Now this is an ambitious record, Saadiq, once of Tony Toni Tone (unless my mind’s playing tricks on me) and Lucy Pearl, is trying to do nothing less than reconfigure black pop history here. He’s pulling vintage sounds and styles into the present, and offering lots of original ideas to boot. Nineteen songs is a lot to assimilate in one hearing, but I’m certainly entranced by the grooves here. Give me some time to really listen, and this may be one of my favorite records this year.

Free, “Free Live,” Island Records. Remastered, and with classy bonus tracks. Gosh, this band could rock hard, and their improvised solos were pretty amazing, too. No more thoughts right now, but this sure sounded great.

--Steve Pick



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