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  Listen Up! 8/22/02 Listen Up!

Friday, Aug. 23

Black Flag, “Everything Went Black,” SST Records. Ah, those early, early Black Flag recordings. They would go on to far greater things, but these early songs are so animated, so exciting, so funny, so stupid, so PUNK! This is glorious mayhem, completely unrefined. Even Greg Ginn’s early guitar solos, clunky and twisted as they are, rule!

Soul Asylum, “And the Horse They Rode In On,” A&M Records. I never listened to this record much, even though I always used to like Soul Asylum, and I loved the album after this, “Grave Dancers Union.” This one doesn’t have the hooks that made the big breakthrough to radio (which lasted for one album’s worth of singles before they faded into the lowest ebbs of obscurity), but it’s got a lot of power to it. In fact, this kind of sounds like an alternative universe emo record, where the music is rooted in a different kind of classicism, but the love of dynamics is just as strong.

--Steve Pick



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