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  Listen Up! 8/2/02 Listen Up!

Friday, Aug. 2

Madonna, “Immaculate Collection,” Sire/Warner Bros. Records. Pop music perfection, with no wrong turns allowed. This first collection of Madonna’s hits is all froth, delicious melodies, unforgettable hooks, dance styles which may have dated but which still work with the songs. It’s an album I wouldn’t want to live without.

Rolling Stones, “Remastered,” Abkco Records. You can’t buy this package. It’s a sampler from the 21 Rolling Stones albums being remastered and reissued on the Abkco label (which means all the stuff before “Sticky Fingers.” Does it sound better? Yes, yes, yes! This is the most stunning clarity I’ve heard in my life on these masterful records. The vocal harmonies are pristine, the instruments jump out of the speakers. Yes, it took too damn long, but we finally have Stones reissues to be proud of. (In general, the last two or three years have been revolutionary as far as reissue sound technique is concerned.)

--Steve Pick



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