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  Listen Up! 7/18/02 Listen Up!

Thursday, July 18

Incredible String Band, ďThe Incredible String Band,Ē Hannibal Records. This presumably was the debut of the Incredible String Band. Itís not quite what they would become. This sounds like a trio of folk music fanatics feeling their way into figuring out how to make it their own, which they very decisively would do in just a year or two after this one came out. Iím surprised at how much American folk influence these English boys had. Itís kind of funny hearing them nasal up their voices trying to imitate American accents.

Alice In Chains, ďDirt,Ē Columbia Records. For a one-trick pony band, the single melody that rides through 13 songs on this once-popular grunge rock record holds up okay. Iím not ever gonna look to hear it myself, but itís pleasant enough.

--Steve Pick



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