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  Listen Up! 7/10/02 Listen Up!

Wednesday, July 10

The Time, “The Time,” Warner Bros. Records. Yeah, I know I led off with this the other day, and I know I skipped yesterday, and I know you’ve probably seen me rave about this album for several days now, but I can’t help it. I wanted to hear it again, and I like it. It’s got such sinuous grooves, you could play it all day long and not get sick of it. It makes me feel good, and I needed something this morning to make me feel good.

Danny Liston, “Last Call,” HGR. Hey, I was no Mama’s Pride fan, but I’ll give ‘em the props for doing what they did pretty well. They were the St. Louis side of southern rock in the 70s, and they definitely had soul roots in their music. Danny Liston wasn’t the primary songwriter, but he was in the band, and I guess it’s good to know he’s still out there doing the same basic stuff. I’m never gonna want to hear this record again, but fans of the band will eat it up.

Butch Walker, “Left of Self-Centered,” Arista Records. Well, he looks like he’s auditioning for the Dwight Twilley Band in 1976, but he sounds like he’s a big fan of Creed and other assorted crap on the radio nowadays. Alright, there’s a pop structure to some of these songs that shows he’s assimulated some Foo Fighters secrets now and again, but the production goes for the hammer you over the head contemporary radio feel of 2002, and it kills whatever pleasures may or may not be hidden in these songs.

--Steve Pick



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