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  Listen Up! 6/26/02 Listen Up!

Wednesday, June 26

Mark Dresser Trio, “Aquifer,” Cryptogramophone Records. I gotta admit, I was a little worried when Lew put this on and he told me it had hyperpiano and electro-acoustic flutes on it. But it’s actually kind of interesting. Dresser mostly plays bass (and something called a giffus), and his sound anchors the music, wandering harmonic interest across the booming notes. The flutes are gorgeous, the hyperpiano intriguing. This is quiet avant-garde jazz, but it’s not lite. It’s exploratory and muscular.

Original Sinners, “Original Sinners,” Nitro Records. Well, if you’re gonna have an X tribute band, you might as well have a member of X. This is Exene Cervenka’s latest effort, and it rocks amiably the way X used to do. I think I could get into this if I played it a few times, but I’ve been listening to the latest round of X reissues at home lately, and it’s not as immediate as that stuff.

--Steve Pick



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