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  Listen Up! 6/21/02 Listen Up!

Friday, June 21

Steve Wynn, “Fluorescent Special Edition,” Blue Rose Records. Take a fairly decent Steve Wynn solo album that almost nobody, including me, bothered to hear when it came out in 1993, tack on seven bonus tracks of nearly equal quality, and you’ve got a pretty good bargain in this new release. I like this stuff just fine. It’s a nice in-between sound, with acoustic-driven arrangements hinting at the majesty of his Dream Syndicate big rock sound. His songs are more diverse than they sometimes can be. Wynn’s vocal limitations often find him relying on guitar dynamics to make up the melodic difference, while here he manages to carry some different kinds of tunes.

Oliver Knight, “Mysterious Day,” Topic Records. Knight is the son of the late Lal Waterson. His talents are in writing songs, playing guitar, and arranging folkish music to sound modern. Obviously, he can’t sing, so he brings on board his aunt Norma (one of the world’s finest singers), his cousin Eliza Carthy, and the great Christine Collister, among others. First listen through, this is a promising album, with some very lovely melodies presented in very lovely settings.

--Steve Pick



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