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  Listen Up! 6/2/03 Listen Up!

Monday, June 2

Various Artists, “West Coast Lyricist Lounge,” BP Metro Records. I’m not really listening all that closely, which is a shame because I can’t tell you which song is the one I like the most. It has something to do with being for my homeys in the clubs, which struck me as a nice gesture. Gee whillikers! Rappers spend a lot of time in clubs these days, don’t they? Anyway, there are some great productions on here, some thick soundscapes, some sparse cuts with throbbing bass, some samples of exotic singers. The record sounds really good, but not good enough to draw me further into its world.

The George Shearing Quintet with Dakota Staton, “In the Night,” Capitol Records. Bland arrangements with some occasionally strong vocals. Not exactly something I can recommend. If you want to hear Dakota Staton, look for “The Late Late Show.” If you want to hear George Shearing, well, I just can’t imagine what’s going through your head.

--Steve Pick

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