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  Listen Up! 5/30/02 Listen Up!

Thursday, May 30

Art Ensemble of Chicago, “Live in Milano,” Leo Records. I miss the Art Ensemble. Their brand of eclectic, playful, wild, glorious, funny, spirited avant-garde improvisation was like nobody else’s before, during, or since. This finds them on a particularly solid night in 1980, making it all up as they go along, ebbing and flowing like waves on a restless ocean. Nice, nice stuff.

Willie Nelson, “Teatro,” Island Records. Nelson combined all right with Daniel Lanois, shimmering backgrounds put the focus on his stellar guitar-work and that unforgettably resonant voice, not to mention the beautiful harmonies of Emmylou Harris. There are a lot of good songs on this record; after the latest one, which is mostly a disaster, this sounds downright masterful.

--Steve Pick



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