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  Listen Up! 5/15/02 Listen Up!

Wednesday, May 15

Charlie Christian, "the Genius of the Electric Guitar," Columbia Legacy. We' re still a few months away from this 4-CD box set hitting the stores, but an advance copy is floating around the office. There's none of the detailed information which will undoubtedly be included when this is released, but the music is a lot of fun. The first disc, which is what's playing today, is mostly small group Benny Goodman stuff, with lots of Lionel Hampton vibraphone calling attention to itself. Christian's guitar lines seem relatively tame today, after we've heard so much wilder stuff, but his swing, his tone, his improvisational ideas all stand up. He was the first major electric guitar player, but never mind historical importance, just groove on the delights of this music.

--Steve Pick



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