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  Listen Up! 5/2/02 Listen Up!

Thursday, May 2

Various Artists, "When Pigs Fly: Songs You Never Thought You'd Hear," Xemu Records. Somebody somewhere got the idea, wouldn't it be fun to hear the Oak Ridge Boys sing "Carry on Wayward Son" or the Connells do "Insane In the Brain"? Alright, in both cases, the first idea had to be, hey, are the Oak Ridge Boys or the Connells still around? But, once that was ascertained, the idea to have people sing songs that you wouldn't expect them to sing, preferably songs that are artistically a little suspect to begin with, had to spring to mind. The result is predictably stupid, although the "What tha fuck?" factor does get you through the first listen. And, it offers proof positive that Ani DiFranco is no Natalie Cole.

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, "Plastic Fang," Matador Records. Another piece of sloppy blues disguised as art from one of the worst, most negatively influential rock musicians in history. You know how I hate the White Stripes? This guy makes them sound like the Rolling Stones.

--Steve Pick



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