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  Listen Up! 4/26/02 Listen Up!

Friday, Apr. 26

Funkadelic, "America Eats It's Young," Westbound Records. In the early days of Funkadelic, things weren't quite as tidy as the gigantic funk machine that ruled the mid-to-late 70s. I mean, concepts weren't quite fleshed out, there was no standard of low end grooveability, and political opinions were more directly expressed, with fewer metaphors. The music could just as easily be psychedelic rock as Stax-styled soul as keyboard wildness as whatever else they threw in the mix. Tunes could be based on nursery rhymes or hymns or James Brown grooves. This 1972 album was one of the first, and it's a smorgasbord of ideas, almost all of them a lot of fun. This wasn't the best Funkadelic work, but it's still pretty damn great.

--Steve Pick



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