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  Listen Up! 4/25/02 Listen Up!

Thursday, Apr. 25

Oasis, the new album advance CD with no details on it. I've never been a fan of Oasis, though I've never hated them, either. They had some interesting melodic moments from time to time, but seemed hampered by weak rhythm sections. This new album with the new bass player proves that it wasn't the drummer's fault. At any rate, this sounds like Oasis, with those interesting melodies, pumped up by a rock solid, in-the-pocket groove machine of bass and drums. The rockers in particular are spectacularly effective. These guys aren't exactly original, but they are bringing the meat and potatoes of rock with a lot of attention to the details of getting the texture and taste exactly right.

Stevie Wonder, "Original Musiquarium, Volume 1," Tamla Records. Hit after hit, this collection showcases Wonder at the top of his game, with hard funk like "Superstition" or "Living For the City," or gorgeous ballads like "You Are the Sunshine of My Life." In every context, Stevie Wonder excelled, with bright melodies, consistently original arrangements, and vocals that exuded soul.

--Steve Pick



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