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  Listen Up! 4/17/02 Listen Up!

Wednesday, Apr. 17

Emmylou Harris, "Roses in the Snow," Warner Bros. Records. Harris has made so many great records, it's easy to overlook individual ones. Somehow, I've made it this far being a big fan without ever hearing this album (or if I did, it was so long ago that I've forgotten it). I recognize songs she's done in concert, but not these arrangements. Basically, this was an acoustic version of her legendary Hot Band, with Ricky Skaggs on banjo and fiddle, and Albert Lee switching to mandolin. Being Emmylou Harris, she was also able to bring in Willie Nelson, Jerry Douglas, and other great musicians to play on this. The song choice, as always, was impeccable. Harris would become a richer singer in later life, but by 1980, she was well into her career of effortlessly creating beauty, and finding meaning in a variety of song sources.

John Benitez Trio, "Descarga In New York," Khaeon Records. Workmanlike jazz with a Latin influence, easily ignorable, even when Ravi Coltrane stops in to play soprano or tenor saxophone.

--Steve Pick



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