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  Listen Up! 4/11/02 Listen Up!

Thursday, Apr. 11

Various Artists, "Hard To Find 45s on CD, Vol. 6: More Sixties Classics," Eric Records. Yes, they're hard to find on 45, but not always hard to find on oldies radio. Equally, they're not hard to love. These are classics, for the most part, songs like "Black is Black" by Los Bravos, "Tobacco Road" by the Nashville Teens, "Pata Pata" by Miriam Makeba. Oh, there's the occasional clunker - "A Kookie Little Paradise" by the Dixiebelles ain't generating nostalgia for anybody I know, and the Sandpipers were always the 45's you got stuck with when you bought surprise packages back in the day. But, this is an upbeat, exhilarating collection, and it sounds great.

Erik Truffaz, "Mantis," Blue Note Records. Building on the old Miles Davis electric template, this stuff makes pleasant background music, though it may be a little too obvious melodically to hold up to close scrutiny.

--Steve Pick



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