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  Listen Up! 4/10/03 Listen Up!

Thursday, Apr. 10

The Derailers, ďGenuine,Ē Lucky Dog Records. Iím trying to give my loyal readers some new material, but things are crazy around my part of the office this week, and Iím not able to pay a lot of attention to music. The two times that I have, Iíve been enjoying a record and somebody else in the office has decided to just take it off right in the middle. So, Iím pissed off that I didnít get to hear the end of this album (though not as badly as I was pissed when somebody took off the Blondie ďParallel LinesĒ I played Monday), which makes it hard for me to tell you how much I liked it. But, really, this is great modern honky-tonk/pop.

Dressy Bessy, ďLittle Music: Singles 1997-2002,Ē Kindercore Records. Indie rock made by people who canít sing more than a few notes (though those are at least consistent), canít play more than a couple of chords (though these donít necessarily connect in any kind of interesting fashion), and canít write more than a couple basic melodies. On and on and on this shit goes, and I canít see any reason for it to keep coming.

--Steve Pick

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