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  Listen Up! 4/5/02 Listen Up!

Friday, Apr. 5

Sweet Honey in the Rock, "Selections 1976-1988," Flying Fish Records. I've had a lot of thrills in my life. Getting married was pretty thrilling. My first kiss was great. I'll never forget getting my first cats when I moved out of my parents house. And of course, there are the musical thrills. Right up there at the top of them all would be the better than a dozen times I've seen Sweet Honey in the Rock. There are four other living artists who have sent me to the highest states of exaltation - Elvis Costello, Ornette Coleman, David Murray, and Richard Thompson. Sweet Honey, for those who don' t know, is an acapella female vocal group who sing folk songs, gospel songs, pop songs, work songs, blues, jazz, African, all sorts of different styles. Their harmonies are transcendent, their counterpoint profound, their individual voices as beautiful as anything you've ever heard. This collection of songs from their earliest records contains many, but not all of their concert favorites. I can't believe it doesn't have "Alla That's Alright, But," one of the most passionate songs of sexual desire I've ever heard. And, in concert, they've stretched many of these songs out (the line-up of the group in the years since these recordings is even better than the ones on this compilation). But, this morning, I'm getting the pump of energy that I needed to start the day.

--Steve Pick



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