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  Listen Up! 4/4/02 Listen Up!

Thursday, Apr 4

Les Arbuckle, "No More No Les," Audioquest Music. I reviewed this last year, loved it, didn't remember any of the music after all this time, but am enjoying it just as much. A muscular, lean-toned tenor saxophonist, Arbuckle swings and soars over the solid backing of Kenny Barron on piano, Cecil McBee on bass, and a powerful drummer named John Ramsay.

Medeski Martin and Wood, "Uninvisible," Blue Note Records. I don't usually like these guys, but this is nice background music, lots of crazy DJ stuff and beats mixed in with their usual funk. As if there are any jazz traditionalists left listening to them, this should really freak that crowd out.

Patti Smith, "Land (1975-2002)," Arista Records. No time to hear more than a couple cuts, nor to bash out more than a couple words, but this is a spectacular compilation. One disc of hits, one disc of demos, live cuts, and rarities. Patti Smith has one of the strongest rock'n'roll hearts of all time.

--Steve Pick



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