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  Listen Up! 4/1/02 Listen Up!

Monday, April 1

Patty Griffin, "1000 Kisses," ATO Records. Bruce Springsteen cover aside (and that's one of his less tuneful, albeit more lyrically astute songs, "Stolen Car"), this is not a very interesting record. One of those singer-songwriters who think titles like "Rain" or "Nobody's Cryin" are clever, Griffin doesn't really have a melodic sense, nor anything much to say. Turn it down low, and I guess it's pleasant background music. Turn it up, and you'll run screaming.

Joey Ramone, "Don't Worry About Me," Sanctuary Records. Joey sang better on this last recording than he had in 20 years with the Ramones, and the songs are downright inspired. The Ramones template is respected, with somewhat better lead guitar, and slightly more diverse rhythms. Yeah, this is a good record.

De La Soul, "AOI: Bionix," Tommy Boy Records. Some of this swings hard, and a lot of the time I forget it's on. I've heard parts of this several times now, and there's nothing I can recognize about it at all.

David Bowie, "Bowie at the BBC: BBC Radio Theatre June 27, 2000" bonus disc, BBC Records. A rare recent live concert by Bowie that doesn't get ruined by overstrung lead guitar courtesy of Reeves Gabrels. Instead, we get the return of the great Earl Slick as part of a brilliant band of Bowie veterans. Everybody leans into these songs, classics all, and muscles their way into a collective orgasm of rock excitement. You can't help but love this stuff.

--Steve Pick



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