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  Listen Up! 3/25/03 Listen Up!

Tuesday, Mar. 25

Funkadelic, “Music For Your Mother: Funkadelic 45’s,” Westbound Records. Grooves that swung hard and slapped you in the face, all the instruments rhythmically working together to propel the record along, guitar solos of epic proportion, vocals chanting, singing, soaring, this is the majestic funk of Funkadelic. A few of these songs are familiar from albums, most of them would have been lost to time if not for this fantastic double disc compilation. It’s music that goes all over the place, always searching, seeking to bring knowledge to our behinds.

The Derailers, “Genuine,” Lucky Dog Records. These guys are just plain reliable. Every album is filled with rockin’ country songs with memorable melodies, snazzy hooks, and terrific singing and playing. I can’t imagine ever going far out of my way to hear this band, but I never regret the decision to listen to one of their records.

Richard Thompson, “The Old Kit Bag,” Cooking Vinyl Records. Richard Thompson goes into a studio with bassist Danny Thompson, drummer Michael Jerome, and background vocalist Judith Owen, and a bunch of good songs. Out comes what may be his strongest, least compromised album in a dozen years. Lots of great guitar playing, with a sound that focuses attention on the songs and the delivery. I’m very excited by this the first time through. In stores May 6. Start saving up now. You know you want it.

--Steve Pick

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