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  Listen Up! 3/12/02 Listen Up!

Tuesday, Mar. 12

Hank Mobley, "Third Season," Blue Note Records. Okay, it's on Blue Note, it' s Hank Mobley, it's got Lee Morgan, James Spaulding, Sonny Greenwich, Cedar Walton, Walter Booker, and Billy Higgins, it's just about perfect. What more do you need to know? (Alright, I don't know who James Spaulding or Sonny Greenwich are, but they play well enough to be in this company.)

Remy Shand, "The Way I Feel," Motown Records. This guy synthesizes all the best seduction moves from soul music between 1973 and 1985, from the Isley Brothers to Prince, basically. It's an inviting sound, of course, and should be capable of removing an awful lot of clothes over the life of his hit-bound career. There are very specific references, an Al Green-styled rhythm pattern, an Ernie Isley guitar hook, and lots more that could fuel some drinking games if you feel like playing them. I wish the songs were stronger, but I'll take this much soulful feeling and some nice old school grooves in a pinch.

The Herbaliser, "Something Wicked This Way Comes," Ninja Tune. Some funky beats, somewhere in between old school r'n'b and hip-hop. Pleasant, not much of a distraction, though.

Fatboy Slim, "Live on Brighton Beach," Southern Fried Records. What kind of a world is it when you can buy records of people playing records, and call it a live album? I mean, all props to Fatboy Slim and his cronies who can make some bucks doing this, but why are we supposed to be impressed? He plays good records. Heck, just seconds ago, "Where's Your Head At?" by Basement Jaxx ended, and that song never fails to make me bounce all over the walls. But, why isn't this just called a compilation album like KTEL would do, or "Now That's What I Call Electronic Dance Music."

--Steve Pick



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