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  Listen Up! 3/4/03 Listen Up!

Tuesday, Mar. 4

Wayne Shorter, ďAlegria,Ē Verve Records. I will grant the impeccable musicianship of the musicans working on this record Ė in addition to a very large orchestra, there are appearances by Danilo Perez, Brad Mehldau, John Pattitucci, Brian Blade, Teri Lyne Carrington, and Alex Acuna Ė but Iím still not feeling Shorterís work these days. I try to make all the allowances necessary to prevent desiring his muscular tenor work of the 60s. Itís not that I want him to return to what heís done before, itís just that I canít really get excited about what heís doing now. Itís all these angles, all oblique twists and turns. Harmonies turned inside out, and rhythms stopping and starting and jumping hither and yon. Maybe I need to give it another chance, because Iím not sure if itís me or if itís the music.

--Steve Pick

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