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Thursday, Feb. 21

Marvin Gaye, "The Best of Marvin Gaye Vol. 1 The 60s," Motown Records. I came in just in time to catch the last two songs, but oh, such songs. "I'll Be Doggone" and "You're A Wonderful One," two of the greatest gems in Gaye's fabulous jewelry box of magnificence. The older I get, the more I appreciate these records. I mean Motown in general, and Gaye's stuff in particular. He has such a vibrancy to his voice, such a pleasure in delivering these chippy little tunes, especially getting to sing with that incredible rhythm section providing so much movement below him.

R.E.M., "Reckoning," IRS Records. Gosh, I haven't heard this in years. It sure sounds great today. Peter Buck's guitars are ringing like chimes, slashing and arpegiating all over the place. Mike Mills' bass is muscular and harmonically clever. Bob Berry may not be the slickest drummer ever, but he sure could propel the beats of these songs, making them as danceable as they were hummable. And Stipe may or may not be singing in English, but he is definitely full of catchy melodic fragments that fit these grooves to a T. The record is as beautiful as I remember it, and a lot smarter.

Garbage, "Version 2.0," Almo Sounds. I have nothing against Garbage, and can, after repeated innocent exposure to songs on the radio, actually find some of their songs to be memorable. Not memorable enough to think about them until I hear them again, but certainly memorable enough to sound familiar once the sounds pass through my ears. There's something overbearing about the relentless beats that work at cross-purposes with the gentler melodies a lot of the time. It's as if the rhythms could be applied randomly to any of the songs on the record, to the same effect. That's my problem with a lot of modern rock, but it's more annoying on a band like this that does seem to have some songwriting skills.

Deee-Lite, "Sampladelic Relics & Dancefloor Oddities," Elektra Records. Ah, the remix, the greatest rip-off in music history. Take songs that were perfectly good, then mix them up again, emphasizing different elements of the music (usually more beat-heavy and less pop heavy, but not necessarily), and sell them off to people who most likely already own the originals and equally most likely already like them the way they were. Deee-Lite's music works alright in this format, with the pop hooks thrown out with the bathwater, but this ain't no way to get the groove in my heart for any kind of long term.

The Section, "The String Quartet Tribute to Led Zeppelin Volume 2," Vitamin Records. Every bit as stupid as the name would imply.

--Steve Pick



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