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  Listen Up! 2/17/03 Listen Up!

Monday, Feb. 17

Charlie Hunter Qunitet, “Righ Now Move,” Ropeadope Records. Hunter’s guitar tone is halfway between an organ and a tuba, which is always an interesting thing. Here, he’s rounded up a harmonica player, a tenor saxophonist, a trombonist, and a drummer, to make for a unique ensemble, to say the least. The rhythms are a little too hippy-dippy for my taste, but there is some good playing, and some interesting tunes on this record. Not his best work, not his worst, but worth a listen.

Rza as Bobby Digital, “Digital Bullet,” Koch Records. This Wu-Tang dude has some cool looking comic book inspired artwork on the cover. The music is okay, but not gripping. Lots of guest-stars all over the place, beats don’t knock me out.

--Steve Pick

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