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  Listen Up! 2/7/02 Listen Up!

Thursday, Feb. 7

Yo-Yo Ma, "Classic Yo-Yo," Sony Classical. On the one hand, I'm down with the concept of Art music, on the other, I love pretty melodies that come in and get out in just a few minutes. So, here we have an undeniably brilliant interpreter of Art cutting an album of short pieces culled from the classical repertoire and elsewhere. Or is this a compilation of short bits from other albums? I don't know, I just think of it as pop cello. There's a whole lot of beauty on here from Bach, Piazzola, Dvorak, Gershwin, and Mark O'Connor.

The Divine Comedy, "Regeneration," Nettwerk Records. This is better than I remember it, but the singer is overwrought. As Papa Ray puts it, there's a touch of Anthony Newley in him, or at least early Bowie. And a deep-voiced Thom Yorke. Interesting arrangements, nothing that blows me away.

--Steve Pick



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