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  Listen Up! 1/21/03 Listen Up!

Tuesday, Jan. 21

Pape & Cheikh, “ Mariama,” Real World Records. I do tend to like the music of Senegal very much. This is more of the trademark rippling, beautiful vocal music of that country (check out Youssou N’Dour for the apex of the sound). There’s a lot of treble in the instrumental backing, but the grooves are deep and undeniable, too. Very good record here.

The Exies, “Inertia,” Virgin Records. It’s amazing how uninteresting all these “alternative” rock bands are. These guys are poppier than most, and may sound okay one song at a time on the radio, but it’s enervating to hear a few songs in a row.

Various Artists, “The Only Blip Hop Record You Will Ever Need, Vol. 1,” Luaka Bop. Imagine those experimental computer records of the 50s, only with a more propulsive beat, and none of the sense of wonder, and you’ll have the idea. I’m not sure why you want the idea, but if you do, the title of this record is pretty much truthful. You get the gist of what’s happening here pretty damn quickly.

--Steve Pick



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