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  Listen Up! 1/16/02 Listen Up!

Wednesday, Jan. 16

The Pentangle, "The Pentangle," Castle Music. The guitars slip and slide around each other, now playing jazz licks, now modal folk, now blues. The bass snaps and crackles, the drums swing, the vocals glide over it all. Powerful music, this.

Norman Blake and Peter Ostroushko, "Meeting on Southern Soil," Red House Records. While the musicians are playing quite lovely melodies, and their talents can't be denied, this is all a little formal and rigid. That's surprising to me, since both these guys have it in them to be far more exciting than this record is.

Some other stuff I heard in passing, but was way too busy to stop to write even the titles. Yeah, some days I work like a dog. Some days I have more time to spare for this column. All I can tell you right now is watch out for the new Chris Isaak album. It's great.

--Steve Pick



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