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  Listen Up! 1/8/03 Listen Up!

Wednesday, Jan. 8

Patty Griffin, “1000 Kisses,” ATO Records. On the recommendation of someone I respect, I gave this album another chance. I think I can hear what he likes in this. These songs are really quite lovely, and Griffin invests a lot of emotion in them. But, her voice is reedy and annoying. I just can’t be moved by this.

Roky Erickson, “You’re Gonna Miss Me: The Best of Roky Erickson,” Restless Records. Twenty-one cuts of unadulterated madness, horror movie rock’n’roll that shines with the need of Roky to communicate his visions. He warns of Lucifer and two-headed dogs and vampires, he begs us not to slander him, and he rocks like Little Richard taught him. The man knew how to make us feel good.

--Steve Pick



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